Rules: Open to players in section 2 only.


Games to be best of 3 legs of 501, easy start and double to finish. Nearest to the bull to start the first leg, loser of the bull to throw first in second leg. Nearest the bull for third leg if required.


       Venue: The Ex Servicemans Club.





First Round

K. Haddy  bt  C. Miller

A. Hesford  bt  E. Peake

P. Thompson bt C. Wright

B. Draper bt T. Hawkins

L. Winter bt R. Burton

E. North bt M. Cormack

G. Souch bt P. Wright

M. Harding bt K. Clark

C. Hobbs bt C. Hales

B. North bt A. Waites

D. Fowler bt J. Harris

Last 16

N. Riddiford bt D. Gregory

C. Schweitzer bt K. Young

K. Haddy bt K. King

P. Thompson bt A. Hesford

B. Draper bt L. Winter

G. Souch bt E. North

M. Harding bt C. Hobbs

D. Fowler bt B. North

Quarter Finals

N. Riddiford bt C. Schweitzer

K. Haddy bt P. Thompson

B. Draper bt G. Souch

D. Fowler bt M. Harding

Semi Finals

K. Haddy bt N. Riddiford

B. Draper bt D. Fowler


K. Haddy bt B. Draper