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Games to be best of three legs of 501 easy start and double to finish. Nearest the bull to start first leg, loser of bull to start second leg. Nearest the bull for third leg if required.  All venues to be played down to two qualifiers.  Players to be present at 8.15pm for an 8.30pm start.


Kidlington FC – Official G. Williams

E. Peake

L. Foster

Mat. Aust

A. Schweitzer

A. Garrett

D. Williams

T. Chrysall

K. Buxey

C. Healey

LJ Newman

G. Williams

E. Andrews

R. Meadows

R. Burton


Brackley Band Club – Official D. Muddiman

D. Anderson

R. King

L. Winter

D. Muddiman

M. Parsons

S. Wright

Mark Aust

K. Clark

J. Mardle

S. Clark

K. Haddy

T. Ballard

P. King

A. Clark



Official S Gough

P. Newman

S. Gough

D. Fowler

W. Selwood

G. Souch

L. Wanless

S. Burns

S. McConway

M. Stocker

M. Cormack

B. Varney

S. Baker

J. Harris


KEA Club – Official C. Cooper

D. Gregory

R. Haines

C. Miller

M. Burns

S. White

A. Burgess

S. Bawn

C. Cooper

K. Marshall

G. Nicholls

K. Bedding

P. Wright

L. Newman