Section One, Two and ThreeSinglesPairsSinglesPairs
Ashton Club31Green Road32
Band Club32Highfield C31
Butchers53Ex's A10
LHSSC32Launton Social31
Highfield A11Ex's C52
Week 12
Highfield C31Butchers32
Green Road42Band Club21
Ashton Club42Ex's A21
Highfield A01Launton Social62
Ex's C12LHSSC51
Week 11
Butchers31Green Road32
Ex's A31Highfield C32
Band Club32Aston Club31
LHSSC43Highfield A20
Launton Social43Ex's C20
Week 10
Highfield C51Green Road12
Ashton Club30Butchers33
Ex's A22Band Club41
Launton Social20LHSSC43
Ex's C42Highfield A21
Week 9
Ex's A12Ashton Club51
Launton Social10Band Club53
Ex's C30Highfield C33
Highfield A01Green Road62
Week 8
Green Road52Ex's C11
Highfield C33LHSSC30
Butchers62Launton Social01
Band Club30Ex's A33
Ashton Club63Highfield A00
Week 7
Ashton Club41Band Club22
Ex's A30Butchers33
Launton Social10Highfield C53
LHSSC21Green Road42
Highfield A22Ex's C41
Week 6
Green Road53Launton Social10
Highfield C42Ex's A21
Butchers33Ashton Club30
Band Club63Highfield A00
Ex's C20LHSSC43
Week 5
Band Club12Butchers51
Ashton33Highfield C30
Ex's A21Green Road42
Launton Social53Ex's C10
Highfield A10LHSSC53
Week 4
Green Road31Ashton Club32
Highfield C41Band Club22
Butchers52Highfield A11
LHSSC32Launton Social31
Ex's C41Ex's A22
Week 3
Butchers23Highfield C40
Band Club41Green Road22
Ashton Club42Ex's C21
LHSSC33Ex's A30
Highfield A50Launton Social13
Green Road51Butchers12
Highfield C53Highfield A10
Launton Social23Ex's A40
Ashton Club42LHSSC21
Ex's C10Band Club53
Green Road22Highfield C41
Butchers41Ex's C22
Band Club62LHSSC01
Ashton Club32Launton Social31
Highfield AEx's A

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