Revised May 2023

1. That the League shall be known as The Bicester and District Darts League, comprising of clubs formed in licensed premises within a fifteen mile radius of Bicester.

2. That the League be run on a promotion and relegation basis, depending on players registering for a team. (Summer to Summer and Winter to Winter) or at the discretion of the Committee.

3. That teams will consist of six male or female players, to play individually (except for Pairs League). Best of three legs of 501, easy start and double to finish, Bull to count. Points to be awarded : Two for team win and one for a draw. A record of legs “for and against” will be kept, and should two or more teams tie for top of league, then “legs for and against” will decide the winner. In the event of scores being exactly the same, a play off tie will be played on finals night.

4. All matches to commence at 9. 00 p.m. Players not present at 9. 00 p.m. will not be allowed to play. A player may play only one opponent in the Singles League.

5. That all games to be played on a good quality dart board.

6. That the point of the dart must be touching the dart board.

7. The “no bust ” system shall be used. i.e. If a player requires six for game and scores a single three with the first dart , single one with the second, he obviously requires double one for game. If , however, he scores any other number with the third dart , he still requires double one for game.

8. That the board to be hung 5ft. 8ins from the centre of the Bull to the floor and 7ft 9 1/4ins along the floor to the RAISED oche. A player must stand behind the oche.

9. The home side shall provide a scorer. The decision of the scorer shall be final. The scorer is the only person to inform the player of the double he requires to finish the game, but only if he is asked by the player.

10. The Registration Cards of both teams are to be produced by the Captains. Each Captain shall draw the opposite teams cards. This will decide the order of play. A board to be provided, and both teams written thereon. The board to be placed in a prominent position and be legible to all. Should a player refuse to play an opponent he shall forfeit the game. Singles draw to be made for 9.00pm start and pairs draw to be made on conclusion of all singles matches. No new signings will be allowed for last two games.

11. That a club may enter more than one team,  Any player having played for one team may play for another at the discretion of the committee. By signing the Registration Card it will be deemed that the player has acquainted himself with the Rules of the Association.

12. Young persons signed on by their team are allowed to play in establishments governed under alcohol rules and regulations at the discretion of the landlord/steward. They must be accompanied by an adult.

13.Landlords/Stewards of premises with two or more teams will be issued with Registration Cards enabling them to play for any team of that premises. rule 11. will apply.

14. Completed result cards should be sent to the League Fixture Secretary within FIVE days of the completion of a match by the home team. Failure will result in home team forfeiting points gained in match.Copies of the result cards can be emailed to the fixtures secretary.

15. Should a team wish to lodge a protest, the captain shall write “under protest” when signing the Result Card. A letter of protest must then be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary within 72 hours of completion of the match.

16. In the event of a team withdrawing from the League, points gained by teams having played the said team will be cancelled. Any team withdrawing from the League must apply to the Committee if they wish to play the following season.

17. All games must be played as per Fixture List. No match to be postponed or cancelled without first obtaining permission from the Hon. Secretary.or a committee member. In the event of permission being granted, the opposing team MUST be given a MINIMUM of THREE DAYS notice. The non-cancelling team will then offer the cancelling team THREE DATES within the next TWENTY-ONE days. ONE OF THESE DATES MUST BE ACCEPTED. In the event of disagreement then the Committee will decide. No re-arranged fixtures to be played after the last League game, or on Competition Nights.

18. Any team cancelling a game without first contacting the Hon. Secretary will forfeit all points for said game and all points will be awarded to the opposing team.

19. In the event of unforeseen circumstances arising, advice can be obtained on application to the Hon. Secretary for ruling by the Governing Committee, whose decision shall be final.

20. Legs won by a player should be indicated in the space provided on the Result Card. A record will be kept by the League Fixture Secretary and the players with the highest number of wins for their team will be INVITED to compete for the Individual Cup.

21. Electronic Score Boards are permissible , providing the visiting team agree.


(a) Pairs will play as drawn . Substitutes can be included in Pairs League.

(b) Games to be one leg of 601, start and finish on a double, one on both on, Bull counts.

(c) Pairs match to follow singles match.

(d) If a team is a player short, the other player will play on his own providing he misses every other throw.

(e) Two points awarded for win as in Singles League.

(f) Draw to be decided at the conclusion of the singles match.


  1. Players are eligible for competitions who are registered with a team in the Bicester and District Darts Association before the deadline of the entry for any knockout.
  2. Qualifying nights will be run on one draw basis.All remaining qualifying players will be redrawn on finals night if necessary.
  3. The player/s drawn first will assume the role of the home player/s, ie. Will throw for the bull first to decide who throws first in the first leg, and throws first for the bull in the third leg if required.
  4. All players comprising a multiperson side (pairs, triples, fours.) shall be registered for the same team.
  5. One substitution per team (pairs, triples, fours.) is allowed on finals night for multiperson events where a player is unable to attend. Any substitute player must be registered to the same team and not have participated in the qualifying stages of the corresponding knockout competition. All decisions with regard to substitution are at the discretion of the committee.
  6. Any player not present for the start of a multiperson game, may join at the start of the next leg, if they have arrived during the course of the match.
  7. Qualifying for the Individual cup is exclusively for players who have won the most games for their team. More than one player from each team may qualify, NO substitutes are permitted should a player be unable to attend. First round to be played on a round robin basis to determine a winner and runner up from each group to play on finals night. On finals night the winner of group A will play the runner up in group B and group B winner will play the runner up in group A.
  8. The Anniversary Cup is open to any player registered for a Bicester and District darts Association team in the current and previous Bicester and District Darts Association season.
  9. Four a side competition.(a) Each player has to hit a double to enter the scoring phase of the leg.(b) A player may get “in” and “out” with the same dart thrown.(c) not all players need to be “in” for a team to win a leg. (d) In the event of a player who is not “in” bursts the teams score when hitting a double greater than the value of the points required  ie. hitting double 10 when twelve is required. Then that player will have burst their current go, but will be considered “on” for any subsequent throws.