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Games to be best of three legs of 501. Easy start and double to finish. Nearest the bull to start first leg, loser of the bull to start second leg. Nearest the bull for third leg if required.

To be played at Ex Servicemans Club on 24th September, play to commence at 8.45pm.  Qualifiers will be determined via a round robin group format, played down to the last four players.  In the event of a tie a nine dart shootout will determine who goes through.


S. Baker – Green Road

K. Bedding – Band Club

A. Boutier – Ex’s A

R. Burton – Launton Social

Ash. Coggins – Highfield C

J. Harris – Highfield A

R. King – Launton Social

C. Schweitzer – Ex’s C

A. Soal – Ashton Club

M. Stocker – Green Road

D. Thompson – Highfield A

B. Varney – LHSSC

S. Wright – Butchers