Games to be best of three legs of 501.Nearest the bull to start the first leg, loser to start the second leg. Nearest the bull for the third leg if required.

All players to be present 8.15pm for an 8.30pm Start

  Two players  qualify from each venue.

Band Club – Official D. Muddiman

K. Bedding

Ash Coggins

M. Harding

P. King

D. Fowler

E. North

R. Pryor

J. Hughes

B. North

Matt Aust

D. Muddiman

H. Parker

L. Wolsey

D. McHugh

D. Prichard

J. Harris

Mark Aust

S. Tysoe

Butchers – Official B.  Varney

M. Burns

K. Young

M. King

D. Doolan

L. Foster

D. Cooley

B. Richardson

K. King

T. Browne

R. Burton

G. Mcnally

T. Skinner

A. Burns

S. Burns

P. Stokes

B. Varney

P. Anderson

Highfield Club – Official W. Sellwood

P. Lyle

E. Peake

P. Wright

N. Pollard

M. Clark

J. Maxiamano

R. Haines

P. Boiling

C. Hales

E. Waite

M. Cormack

A. Waite

S. Ben

C. Maxiamano

P. Newman

W. Sellwood

C. Schweitzer

Kidlington FC – Official S. Gough

K. Clark

C. Miller

L. Winter

R. Bellingham

R. Orford

D. Boyes

S. Gough

M. Camp

S. Quinn

D. Williams

P. Thompson

D. Anderson

M. Hodges

D. Essex

A. Hesford

M. Stocker

J. Hood