Games to be best of three legs of 601 double start and double to finish. Nearest to bull to start first leg losers of the bull to start the second leg. Nearest the bull for third leg if required. Redraw to be made after each round.

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A big thank-you to all those who attended the evening, A total of £425.55 was raised in the evening for the MRI Scan Appeal.

Nobby Clarke won the blind auction of a Millwaukee drill kindly donated by Travis Perkins with a bid of £150.

A power cut to the area gave a new definition to the blind pairs competition, but the competition was completed regardless with the results as follows:


Pre-Lim Round

H. Whates & M. Parsons bt L. Winter & K. Haddy

T. Cox & R. Haines bt D. Fowler & M. Richardson

S.McConway & S. Gough bt T. Hawkins & A. Carvell

S. Wright & G. Williams bt M. Aust & M. Cormack

K. Clarke & M. Stocker bt O. Pearce & T. Ballard

C. Heeley & P. Addison bt W. Selwood & K. Bedding

Last 16

M. Whates & P. Wright bt C. Heeley & J. Harris

P. King & C. Schweitzer bt M. Parker & T. Cox

C. Cooper & M. Stocker bt K. Clarke & R. Haines

B. Varney & M. Parsons bt S. Baker & C. Wright

S. Wright & L. Newman bt G. Williams & S. McConway

J. Cattermole & G. Manning bt S. Gough & J. Hughes

H. Whates & P. Addison bt P. Thompson & P. Newman

R. Smith & M. Burns bt S. Bawn & P. Gough

Quarter Finals

M. Whates & L. Newman bt C. Cooper & P. King

H. Whates & M. Burns bt B. Varney & P. Addison

M. Stocker & P. Wright bt C. Schweitzer & J. Cattermole

R. Smith & S. Wright bt M. Parsons & G. Manning

Semi Finals

S. Wright & M. Stocker bt H. Whates & M. Whates

R. Smith & M. Burns bt P. Wright & L. Newman


M. Stocker & S. Wright bt M. Burns & R. Smith


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