Games to be best of three legs of 601 double start and double to finish. Nearest to bull to start first leg losers of the bull to start the second leg. Nearest the bull for third leg if required. Redraw to be made after each round.

Sponsored by

Trevor Cox of Trusted Cars Ltd has donated a shield for all to play for. In 2016 Trevor was diagnosed with a severe eye problem with which he lost his sight. He was a patient at the Stoke Manderville hospital Aylesbury,where he was nursed back to health by the doctors and nurses of the eye Department. Trevor was so grateful to them, so much so that he wants to give something back to the hospital, by raising money for the (Eye See Appeal) for a new scanner.

Thanks to all those who attended the Blind Pairs competition as well as those who donated prizes for the raffle.  A total of £400 was raised and will be donated to the scanner appeal.



M. Harding & J. Cattermole beat G. Manning & P. Gough

Semi Finals

G. Manning & P. Gough beat M. Cox & N. Brock

M. Harding & J. Cattermole beat R. Burton & S. Baker

Quarter Finals

J. Cattermole & G. Manning beat C. Cooper & A. Garrett

R. Burton & M. Cox beat E. Peake & Luke Winter

P. Gough & S. Baker beat J. Tong & M. Whates

N. Brock & M. Harding beat A. Carvell & R. Smith

Last 16

M. Cox & G. Manning beat B. Varney & J. Harris

Luke Winter & S. Baker beat B. Duffy & S. Rogers

A. Garrett & R. Smith beat S. Gough & D. Gebbells

J. Tong & E. Peake beat A. Burns & L. Foster

A. Carvell & M. Harding beat D. Fowler & K. Lennard

J. Cattermole & M. Whates beat C. Schweitzer & P. Thompson

P. Gough & R. Burton beat A. Musiol & P. Wright

C. Cooper & N. Brock beat M. Burns & H. Whates

Prelim Round

A. Garrett & J. Tong beat M. Parsons & T. Cox

P. Thompson & P. Wright beat G. Williams & T. Hawkins

R. Smith & C. Schweitzer beat A. Schweitzer & S. Bawn

A. Carvell & P. Gough beat K. Young & Lee Winter

A. Burns & J. Cattermole beat D. Anderson & K. Haddy

S. Baker & M. Harding beat K. Bedding & D. Williams

G. Manning & L. Foster beat D. Prichard & K. Buxey

M. Whates & M. Burns beat R. King & S. Dawson

K. Lennard & Luke Winter beat S. Burns & T. Ballard


Charity No 296291