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Open to all registered players who have played in Winter League 2022/2023 and signed on for Summer League 2023


Games best of 3 legs nearest to the bull to throw first, loser of the bull to throw first in second leg. Bull up to throw first in third leg if required. Semi final and Final best of 5 legs. Same nearest bull rule applies as above.


Was  held at the Highfield Social Club on July 7th 2023.  




Pre Lims

J. Hughes bt R. Burton

R. Pryor bt E. North

R. Haines bt G. Manning

D. Anderson bt A. Carvell

W. Sellwood bt I. Peake

G. Williams bt K. King

P. King bt L. Foster

K. Bedding bt S. Wright

S. Burns bt K. Young

K. Haddy bt J. Maxiamano

Last 32

P. Newman bt B. North

Matt Aust bt M. North

J. Harris bt L. Winter

B. Varney bt M. Harding

K. Clark bt E. Andrews

M. Stocker bt A. Hesford

R. King bt D. Williams

C. Schweitzer bt C. Joines

D. Fowler bt C. Maxiamano

Mark Aust bt M. Cormack

C. Cooper bt A. Burgess

J. Hughes bt R. Pryor

R. Haines bt D. Anderson

W. Sellwood bt G. Williams

P. King bt K. Bedding

K. Haddy bt S. Burns

Last 16

P. Newman bt Matt Aust

B. Varney bt J. Harris

M. Stocker bt K. Clark

C. Schweitzer bt R. King

Mark Aust bt D. Fowler

J. Hughes bt C. Cooper

R. Haines bt W. Sellwood

P. King bt K. Haddy

Quarter Finals

P. Newman bt B. Varney

M. Stocker bt C. Schweitzer

Mark Aust bt J. Hughes

P. King bt R. Haines

Semi Finals

M. Stocker bt P. Newman

P. King bt Mark Aust


P. King bt M. Stocker


Highest checkout: R. Pryor – 99.


This years Anniversary Cup is sponsored entirely by HIGHFIELD SOCIAL CLUB.

Prize money is as follows.

Winner £100 + Winners Trophy.

Runner up – £75 + Runner up Trophy.

Semi Finalists – £25 each.

Highest Checkout – £25 + Trophy.