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Open to all registered players who have played in Summer league 2019 and Winter League 2019/20/21.


Games best of 3 legs nearest to the bull to throw first, loser of the bull to throw first in second leg. Bull up to throw first in third leg if required. Semi final and Final best of 5 legs. Same nearest bull rule applies as above.

Was held at the Highfield Social Club on  OCTOBER 8TH 2021  


Winner – £100 + Trophy. Lee Newman

Runner Up – £50 + Runner up Trophy. Keith Bedding

Semi Finalists – £25. Stephen Wright & Dave Fowler

Highest Checkout – £25 + Trophy. Lee Newman 105

First Round

T Hawkins bt E. Peake

L. Newman bt G. Williams

S. Clark bt K. Haddy

M. Stocker bt C. Cooper

B. Varney bt P. Thompson

S. Gough bt M. Cormack

P. Wright bt R. Burton

T. Chrysell bt J. Harris

K. Bedding bt K. Young

D. Fowler bt D. Anderson

S. McConway bt A. Burgess

W. Selwood bt L. Foster

J. Moss bt C. Schweitzer

2nd Round

S. Bawn bt A. Carvell

S. Wright bt T. Hawkins

L. Newman bt S. Clark

B. Varney bt M. Stocker

S. Gough bt P. Wright

K. Bedding bt T. Chyrsell

D. Fowler bt S. McConway

W. Selwood bt J. Moss

Quarter Finals

S. Wright bt S. Bawn

L. Newman bt B. Varney

K. Bedding bt S. Gough

D. Fowler bt W. Selwood

Semi Finals

L. Newman bt S. Wright

K. Bedding bt D. Fowler


L. Newman bt K. Bedding