Scorers of 180s. And 171s for those of you who play on 19s, Scored during Singles and Pairs league matches and recorded on results cards.

Dave FowlerAshton Club10th May
Richard MeadowsGreen Road 10th May
Brandon RichardsonGreen Road10th May
Arron StevensGreen Road17th May
Liam GregorHighfield C17th May
Dave EssexButchers Sutton24th May
Lee NewmanButchers Sutton24th May
Pete ThompsonLHSSC24th May
Chris SchweitzerEx's C24th May
Dave FowlerAshton Club31st May
Martin ParsonsKings Arms14th June
Lee NewmanButchers Sutton14th June
Anthony SoalAshton Club14th June
Ken HaddyAshton Club14th June
Brandon RichardsonGreen Road14th June
Steve BakerGreen Road14th June
Steve ClarkEx's A14th June
Stephen WrightButchers Sutton21st June
Dave FowlerAshton Club21st June
Keith Bedding100 Acres21st June
Darren Muddiman100 Acres21st June
Keith Bedding100 Acres28th June
Steve BakerGreen Road28th June
Mark BurnsGreen Road28th June
Brandon RichardsonGreen Road28th June
Gus GreenKings Arms28th June